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So apparently we’re back…

“For a man who swore he’d never return to conventional blogging…”

Now wait just a damn minute Captain sir!

Star Trek 365 #102

I don’t think I ever swore an oath on the matter I just needed some time to get away and consider what I wanted to get out of blogging.  I packed up my stuff along with this domain name and I went to stay in the country with our Tumblr friends for a while.  It was nice.

It helped a lot.

But then I wanted to write lots of words about stuff.

Tumblr just isn’t fantastic for that, it is fantastic though for images and quick reblogs and quite frankly I don’t think there’s a nicer community of fans out there.  But sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough (I know I can write longer on Facebook and Tumblr but hey I want my own place!!!).

So I’m back to this blog, a real’ish blog.

A blank empty blog where I can start throwing words up on the screen and you can all go ahead and ignore it because let’s face it, personal blogging seems to be a hard slog with little return.  It’s hard to build up a community on a personal blog, no one wants to read a bunch of words and even less care what I think about whatever.

Well that’s all cool, I’m not here for the fame and cigars, I’ll be happy if a couple of people read occasionally.  As long as I have somewhere to get this inane ramblings out of my head I’ll be happy enough.

So welcome back those who used to visit regularly and thank you for coming those who’ve never been to one of my blogs in the past.

It’s not going to be pretty.


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    • Ok cool, I’ve got to go back and authorise all your comments for the first time… again. That’s nice, it smacks of new beginnings and all that stuff. I’m not sure how your name ended up like that Arjan, do I have to tweak some settings?

    • It’s going to be a weird combination of what I used to write about and not really trying to pick up a readership, I don’t think I could come back and do that. So probably a lot of good ol fashioned rambly stuff :) Happy to see you here Colin!!!

    • And the Lagarostrobos franklinii, MC. Don’t forget the land of the Lagarostrobos franklinii!

  1. Yay! Welcome back. Words are useful. Pictures may be worth 1000 of them, but sometimes don’t say all that needs to be said. [And the comments are finally working for me after I kept getting a tumblr page not found page for a few days].